Lucky Love

lucky love

So there are all of these posts up now like 26 ways to make a girl happy and the ones that describe the sweetest girl and sweetest guy and it just makes me realize how luck I am…I guess that sounds super cheesy but it’s the truth. I have the most amazing man in the entire world.

Just a few examples:

Josh works at least 10 hours a day 90 miles away from here, but he drives home every night now just to make me happy.

When I was looking for something to eat tonight, I found cake mix and icing in the back of the pantry…apparently Josh is going to make me a cake for my birthday.

Even though he can’t call me during the day, he sends me sweet texts when he can sneak some time on his phone.

Even though he misses his friends too, when he’s home with me, he gives me 100% his attention.

When I was being a hormonal basket case on the phone tonight, he was so patient and calm and just kept telling me how much he loves me and how he’s going to do everything he can to make me happy.

He always finds a way to reframe whatever is upsetting me so I can see it from a more productive angle.

He always knows what I really mean when I say ambiguous things like “it doesn’t matter”

He’ll give up a weekend of much needed rest just to make sure I can get to Texas to see my family

I could go on and on but the baby’s sleeping which means I should be sleeping too…oh that reminds me… he’s an incredible father and nothing makes my heart overflow quite like watching him with our son. It’s a feeling like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Moral of the story: true love exists and I’ve found it…no matter how cheesy all of this stuff sounds, it means a lot to me. Josh knows me on such a deeper level than anyone ever has before.

It’s funny how when you’re in high school and “in love” at the time you really mean it. You love that kid more than you’ve ever loved anyone, but after you grow up and find the real thing, you can’t help but laugh at what you thought love was. I don’t mean to degrade those first loves b/c I know they’re special…I’m just so overwhelmed with how intense real love is.

I should probably write all of this down somewhere so that I can read it when we have rough days. Even though I know we will have rough times, I’m fully confident that we can survive it all…

Yeah, I’m pretty darn lucky


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