more complaining

I so so so don’t feel good right now. All I want to do is go to bed. If I still feel like this when I get back from Memphis, I’m def going to the doctor. I just feel stupid doing that b/c it’s probably just a virus. On top of being sick, one of my appts no call no showed last night so now I’m not going to meet hours for one of my kids. I sort of don’t care but I sort of do b/c that’s still a reflection on me. I seriously don’t feel good at all. I really just want to get in bed and have Josh take care of me. OH! Speaking of Josh, he passed his exam yesterday w/ flying colors! He got the third highest score out of his class and one other combined. My baby is so smart. One more to go then he’s officially licensed! Ok, I’m going to lay down for a few minutes before I battle the construction and stupid drivers to get to work. I so hope I start to feel a little better or its going to be a long day and a long drive tonight.


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