Baby Update 2

I went to the doctor again today. I’m 18 weeks and things are looking good. The baby’s heart rate and my blood pressure are good. I gained another 3 pounds, which is great. At this point, I should be gaining about a pound a week. I was 1 pound shy of that, but that’s fine with me! We’re up to 6 pounds for the whole pregnancy. This is going to be an exciting month for our little one, as his ears are almost fully developed. At some point this month, our baby will be able to hear us! I scheduled my next appointment and ULTRASOUND for 3/21. I absolutely can not wait to see our peanut again! Amazingly enough, the biggest news of the day didn’t come from the doctor: I FELT THE BABY MOVE!!! Yay! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting! When we were listening to the heart beat he was moving all over the place. The doctor says he’s really active.

Now for my bigger little peanut. Andy’s doing well. He’s had a runny nose, but that doesn’t slow him down any. He continues to add at least one word to his vocabulary every day. So far today he’s added “gross” and “ah-choo” (you know like the noise a sneeze makes.) Last week he made his first 2 word sentences. He says “hi mama” or “hi teddy” (that’s my sister’s dog) or “hi daddy.” He’s soo cute!! We’re still waiting for his next check up. It’s next month on the 12th. He’ll have to get shots, but we’ll also get to see how much he’s grown! His motor skills are also getting better and better. Two weeks ago in the bath tub he built a tower out of a shampoo bottle and bath toys. He was so careful to stack the pieces so they wouldn’t fall. It was really amazing to watch his little mind work. Now, he’s a master architect with all kinds of enormous creations.


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