baby update 4 & 5

I missed baby update 4 as it was like 3 days before we moved. Nothing too eventful happened. Just got to hear the heartbeat and get my records to bring to Memphis and such.

As for today’s appt, I’ll be 30 weeks on Sunday. It feels like we’re finally starting to get somewhere. I gained another 4 pounds, so I’m up to 23 for the whole pregnancy. Yuck. The baby weighs like 3 pounds now! If he were born today, he’d probably make it. His lungs aren’t quite fully developed, but almost. I can’t imagine getting any bigger. My tummy already feels like it’s stretched to the max! I don’t really remember feeling that way last time this soon. I guess every pregnancy is different. I didn’t get to meet my new doctor today. She was way behind b/c of an emergency c-section or something so I met w/ one of her colleagues. He was nice and apologetic for the chaos. The baby’s heartbeat was good and so was my blood pressure. I go to the lab on Monday for my glucose test and then I go back to the office on Wednesday for my Rhogam shot. It’s time to start seeing the doc every other week, so my next appt is May 25. Poor Andy; he’s not going to like all of these appts. Speaking of Andy, he’s 17 mos today! Yay for my big boy! I found out that I’ll be delivering at Methodist b/c of insurance stuff. Hopefully, we’ll go on a tour sometime soon. I’m sure it’s fine, but I’ve never been there. Next step: find a pediatrician for my boys.


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