baby update 6

So I went to the doctor on Friday. Overall, things are looking good.  I gained another 2 pounds. All my lab work (glucose, hemocrit, thyroid) came back within normal range. I also got to meet my doctor! She is fabulous! She came in and sat down and took a real interest in all three of us. I was very impressed. She has three daughters and they are all 1 1/2 years apart, which is the same as Andy and Jack will be. She said after we get over the first two years of sleep deprivation, we’ll be very glad they are so close together. :) When she took my measurements, she realized that I’m measuring a little over 3 cm too big. At the time of my appt, I was just under 32 weeks, but I was measuring just over 35 cm. 3 cm doesn’t sound like much, but that means my uterus is the size it should be 3 weeks from now. She said it is still within normal limits, but at the very high end. She scheduled an ultrasound for my next appt on 6/8. She wants to get some measurements and try and see whats going on. She was like “if you have a 10 lbs bay in there, we need to know about it.” :) 10lbs?! And I thought Andy was big at 8 lbs 8 oz…. I’m really hoping he’s not too big though. I’m afraid if he’s too big, she’ll want to do a c-section and I really want to deliver naturally. I know she’ll only want to do what’s best for me and the baby, but I just hope what’s best isn’t too different from what I had in mind. :) Dr. Healy was really cute about it though. She measured me and then looked at the tape and looked at me and then measured again. She was like “you sure have a big tummy for looking so little!” I guess if I have a 10 lbs baby in there, I’ve done way better on my weight gain than I thought! :) We’ll just have to wait until my next appt to see what’s going on….


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