i hope you had the time of your life


College: University of Memphis

1.) Where did you get late-night food?
taco bell or krystal

2.) What was the worst class you ever had?
hmm…probably research methods…mostly b/c of the ga that taught it.

3.) What was the best class you ever had?
any of my psych classes, either of my sociology classes, cultural anthropology, southern lit, and my physics classes

4.) Who was your favorite professor?
Dr. Houston or Bob Cohen….or the anthropology chick…i don’t remember her name but i LOVED her!

5.) Who was your least favorite professor?
hmm…i usually liked my professors…but i really disliked that ga that taught my research class…scotty something

6.) Favorite college bar?
reedmeisters, lukes, windjammer, tracks, yacht club…

7.) Best sporting event attended?
probably that football game when we killed ole miss

8.) Best concert attended?
hmm..maybe when fuel played at the rose or 3 doors down w/ kala and higgi… i don’t know… i’m sure i saw better shows but those two were tons of fun

9.) The best time to have a class
didn’t care what time as long as they were all MW and TR…three day weekend baby

10.) Favorite drink?
can’t say that i was too picky…i def liked variety… but i did go through a phase where i always ordered malibu and pineapple at the windjammer

11.) What was your first dorm room?
towers..north side..7th floor

12.) First roommate?
erin moran

13.) The funniest nickname for a person in college?
let me think about it…i’m sure i know a few good ones….

14.) Craziest friend?
most of them!

15.) Books . . . buy? borrow?
buy from tiger bookstore…actually i preordered online to get a discount. i’d look for used first but if they didn’t have any or they were too abused i’d get new

16.) How many parking tickets?
lots…esp on watauga or whatever that street was

17.) Favorite cafeteria food?
chick-fil-a (when i was on that side of campus) or taco bell (back in the day!)

18.) Funniest person?
we all had our moments…

19.) Funniest moment?
hmm..probably einstein’s appearance…or the science convention…or trying to buy doughnuts in key west…or probably anytime kala and i were together…

20.) Ever take a naked drawing class?
i didn’t take any kind of art class….i would have failed miserably!

21.) Phys ed classes taken?

23.) Any clubs/organizations/activities?
sigma kappa, sac (well at least i signed up for it), sunday school teacher, 4 internships at youth villages, plus i was always working…

24.) First friends on the first day freshman year?
well i think it was the second day but first day of intro to theater i met jeff..first college friend..yay!

25.) School mascot?

26.) Favorite recreational sport?
umm..i don’t do sports…i guess i did participate in random games of catch, basketball or throwing the football at the fiji house, but i’m sure that doesn’t count

27.) Favorite place to live?
hotel 1311!!…minus the drama at the end

28.) Best road trip?
KEY WEST!!! without a doubt!

29.) Best drunken time?
how do i narrow it down to one? we always had a blast!

30.) How many friends from your college days do you talk to?
most of them

32.) Craziest thing you did in a campus bar?
umm…never did anything that crazy at the bars…we danced on the bar at lukes once but that’s all that comes to mind

33.) Best function?
that fiji formal they had on madison or somewhere like that was by far the best formal i’ve ever been too, follies w/ lambda chi, the first recruitment we had at the uc, football games

34.) Ever stay for a summer session?
just my last one

35.) Best campus job?
the only ones i ever had were working the desk at towers and in the library…both had some perks but overall were a big pain.

36.) Strangest place on campus?
hmm…i can’t think of anything at the moment

37. Ever paint your face for a sporting event?
no but i know some people who painted their whole bodies w/ the wrong kind of paint and got super sun burnt

38. Least favorite place to live?
towers! it only lasted one semester!

39. Get your degree?
sure did…BA in Psychology

40. Any regrets?
i so should have taken out student loans so i didn’t have to work so much…it totally would have been worth it


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