my feet are numb

As if it weren’t obvious, I’ve decided to take up blogging. Its a good way to be able to think my own thoughts during the day. Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy counting EVERYTHING and naming the colors of EVERYTHING and singing the same songs OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN, it’s just glaringly obvious that my thought patterns are a little more sophisticated than those of my two year old son.

As I type this, he’s perched on the desk next to me, face painted with yellow highlighter, clinging to his blanket. What’s the name of that kid from peanuts with the blanket? Well whatever it is, Andy seems to be the spitting image. He cracks me up.

I went through a phase where I was getting pretty frustrated with his antics. Luckily, Michelle reminded me that I just need to laugh and take pictures of all of his shenanigans. I’m really glad she did that. I was missing too many priceless moments because I was freaking out about the mess involved. Sadly, I missed the time he decided to cover Jack in shimmering, very sticky lip gloss. It was actually after that event that Michelle helped me see that I needed to lighten up. It really was quite humorous. I thought I’d never get the sparkles off of Jack. Three baths later, he was back to normal.

Lucky for me, Jack is insanely easy going. If he weren’t, we’d have absolute chaos all day long. He just watches Andy, usually laughing, and, when Andy decides to bury him in stuffed animals, he takes it in stride.

Talking about the boys is really good for me, therapeutic almost. I just worry that people don’t want to hear it. I definitely don’t want to be that woman who has nothing to talk about except her children. The problem is they’re the most important part of my day. Other people have their job and coworkers to tell stories about. I have my boys. I don’t mind at all, but sometimes I can see people getting bored hearing stories about them. When Andy learns a new word it’s like sealing some big deal for the company. When he or Jack learns a new skill, it’s like getting a promotion and being given new responsibilities. Other people don’t always realize that though. They just see that I’m “just a mom” and that I don’t have as many interesting things to say as their counterparts in the “real world.”

Well, despite what some may think, I believe my occupation is insanely valuable. I also find it quite interesting. I do look forward to nap time though. Sometimes I think its my favorite part of the day. Some days there may only be 30 minutes that they’re both asleep at the same time, but I enjoy every minute. I eat my lunch, take a shower, and, if I’m lucky, get to watch something that’s not animated. I figure every job has it’s monotonous moments and tedious tasks. At least, when it boils down to it, I love the cause of those moments and tasks more than life itself. Not many people can say that about their jobs.


Thanks for reading! Do you have any comments or similar experiences? Share your thoughts below. (Even if it's an old post, I'd love to hear from you!)

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