…or as my sister calls it, SATown!! I’m so freakin excited! For the second year in a row, Josh and I will be joining our incredible Memphis Tigers at the Alamodome in San Antonio! We had an amazing time last year, and I can only imagine how much better this year will be! FINAL FOUR, baby! Not only will we be there, cheering them on in the final four, but we will be watching them break the long standing NCAA record when they win! I can’t freakin wait! Plus, as though the mere fact we’re going to the final four and championship game isn’t enough, I get a mini vacay with my hubby!! We’ll be in San Antonio for three full days, which will be packed full of basketball, sightseeing, and whatever else it is that couples do when they don’t have children! :) We’re dropping the boys off at my parents house in Dallas on the way down. It’s not technically on the way, but it’s not all that far out of the way either. Plus, it’ll be a nice break during the drive. We’re definitely planning on seeing the Alamo and going to the River Walk, and my sister has all kinds of nightlife activities planned for us. That may be all we get to do this trip. There’s a Six Flags down there, but we’re going to Six Flags in June for Josh’s company picnic. There’s also a Sea World, but I think we’re going to wait to do that until we get the boys down there. Maybe we’ll swing by Sea World on our way to or from Galveston this summer. We’ll see…  Oh my gosh!! I’m just so excited! I can hardly wait!! I started packing last night, since we’re loosing the whole weekend. Well…not loosing the weekend. It will just be unavailable for packing. :) My plan is to get all the decorative stuff down and packed prior to leaving town. I think that will leave us in pretty good shape for when we get back. Packing is posing an interesting challenge this time. We just found out that, because of all the rain, our new apartment isn’t going to be ready until June. We have to move into a two bedroom until the three bedrooms are finished being built. I can’t really complain. The complex is doing everything in their power to make up for the inconvenience. Packing is just a little more difficult because I have to pack in terms of what can stay in boxes for two months and what we’ll need to be able to access easily. I’m such a neat freak when it comes to my house, so I find the thought of living out of boxes in an undecorated apartment a little unnerving, but I’m sure I’ll pull through. :) We just have so much going on right now. Everything is so exciting! Yay for us! Yay for Memphis! And yay for San Antonio!


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