It’s been a long week in Texas. I can say with 100% certainty I will not be returning to this state until my trip to Galveston in August. Actually, that may be a lie. My mother can’t decide whether she’d like to keep my babies for a little visit after we leave. If she ends up keeping them, I’ll be retrieving them on Memorial Day. I really don’t know if I want them to stay or not. That’s such a very long time to be with out them. But, that’s a very long time to live as an “average” 25 year old newlywed. Haha. I don’t even think I’d know what to do with myself. My little men are my world. That’s why I’m leaving it up to her. I’ll enjoy myself either way.

I bought Josh a partial season ticket package to the Redbirds games for an early Fathers Day present. Our first game is this weekend. Josh is super excited. Andy loves to go to the ballpark and it’s soo much fun watching him watch everything. Our tickets are in section 102, which is right behind home plate. The ticket package is pretty cool. It’s called “A Taste of Summer” and it works out to about 2 or 3 games every month until the end of the season. We have tickets to all the fireworks games and then a few more. We actually have two games this weekend. We missed the first two games in the package so they assigned them on other dates. We’re going this Sunday with a group of friends, so it’s pretty cool that we got to add that game to our package. I’m really working on improving our social life without excluding our children from our life, and I think this is a step in the right direction.

I feel like I’m super goal-oriented these days. I like that. I’m not really in the mood for anything all that deep so “that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Josh and I are about to join this group called Friends of St. Jude. It’s a social fundraising group for young professionals. Obviously, I’m not a professional, but I fit into this group better than any of the others they offer. I really don’t think the professional part is all that big of a deal. At most, I figure it’s for networking type purposes, and I have plenty of networking connections from all my internships and such. Besides, Josh is a professional, so maybe I could just steal some of his. :)

I guess I’ll close by saying that I am insanely proud of all of the amazing people I know that have recently earned their masters. I have to admit, I’m a little envious, but it’s in a good way. I really admire all of you so much. I’m especially proud of my Sally, who not only just graduated, but is already employed at UTK. Sally, I’ve always known you were amazing!! I love all of my new grads and wish you all the best of luck!!


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