My Little Angels

A. 2 1/2
J. turning one on the 18th!!!!

A. Joshua Andrew Swafford
J. Jackson Thomas Swafford

A. 12/11/05
J. 7/18/07

Times of birth?
A. 12:34 pm
J. 11:16 am

How long did labor last?
A. almost 33 hours
J. less than 5 hours

How long did you push?
A. 2.5 hours
J. not even 20 minutes

A. 8lbs 8ozs
J. 8lbs 6zs

A. 21.5 inches
J. 21.5 inches

Any hair?
A. a tiny bit of really light blonde hair
J. a tiny bit of very light brown hair

Who does your baby look like?
They both have features from each of us

Be honest…how much weight did you gain while pregnant?
A. 55 lbs (which i’m still trying to loose, by the way)
J. 35 lbs

Was baby early or late?
A. 6 days late
J. 3 days early

Who drove you home from the hospital?
Josh both times

How many baby showers did you have?
A. two
J. one

Did you breastfeed?

Who keeps your baby the most?
me. My mom kept Andy when I was working, though.

When do you wanna have another?
Well…. It’s kind of up in the air right now. There’s a lot of stuff I would like to accomplish. Plus, if we have anymore, I won’t be able to get my truck because we won’t all fit. But, in the great scheme of things, none of that really seems as important as a a new little person. So…yeah…I don’t really know. I might like a girl and another little boy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

How did you pick the name?
It takes us FOREVER to agree on names.

how did you know it was time to go the hospital?
A. I’d been having contractions since about 4:30 AM and by about noon they were five minutes apart. My doctor said that was the sign to call, so I did, and I went.
J. He was a scheduled induction. I’d been dilated to 5 for about two weeks, so my doctor scheduled an induction, since she’s only at Methodist on Wednesdays to ensure she would get to deliver him.

Anyone spend the night with you first night home?
Josh and my momma we both there for both babies. Well, of course Andy was there too on Jack’s first night at home.

Did you cry the first time you held your baby?
Nope. I just stared at them both. Those two moments were, by far, the most powerful experiences of my life.

Who cut the cord?
A. Dr. Li because Andy was in trouble and he had to get him out. He left the cord long though, so Josh could cut some off after Andy was ok.
J. Josh did.

Where was the baby born?
A. Baptist East (or whatever its called now.)
J. Germantown Methodist

Did you record the labor?
A. we took pictures, but we didn’t record anything until after Andy arrived. We didn’t have a camera then, so we had to wait for Josh’s mom’s.
J. we taped parts of the labor, but not the delivery.


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