Value of Handwritten Notes

Is it just me or are handwritten notes a lost art? Seriously, how excited do you get when there’s something in the mailbox other than bills? I know I get so excited! Depending on my mood, I either open the “non-bill” first (because I’m so excited) or last (to take away the sting of all the money I have to send off to other people.) With all of the technology we posses, we seem to think it unnecessary to go through the trouble of handwriting a note or card, addressing the envelope, finding a stamp, and mailing it. But, I think that “trouble” is exactly what makes it so special. When I get a little note from a MK sister, a birthday card from a family member, or a note from my grandmother, I know that they put a little extra effort into ME that day. And speaking of birthday cards, why is it that only family sends them? What’s wrong with my peer group? Of course I like having tons of birthday messages on my Facebook wall, birthday texts, and the like, but the cards make me feel really special! The sender went to the store, picked a card that made her think of me, added a little personal note, and mailed it, just so I would feel a little bit more special on my birthday. I think handwritten notes or cards speak volumes about both the character of the sender and the opinion they hold of the recipient. I think, because of the value I place on handwritten notes, I’m going to make it my new goal to mail 10 handwritten notes each week. I suspect, the more I write, the easier it will be to find people/occasions that merit a little handwritten note.  Well, what are you waiting for? Go write a little note and mail it to someone today!

The attached picture is the cover of a book  just found. I’ve never read it, but I plan to pick it up next time I’m out!

The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepard

The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepard


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