Why do I want a Mary Kay Consultant?

This is an old post. I am no longer a Mary Kay Consultant. I stand by the value of their products and the amazing women who make up their sales force, which is why I chose not to delete this post. The contact information at the bottom of the page is no longer in service. To find your own consultant, visit marykay.com.

divider2I wrote this as a note on my MK Facebook page. It’s one of my favorite descriptions of what I do, so I thought I’d copy it here. Enjoy!

The benefits of having your very own Mary Kay Consultant are innumerable! First and foremost is my commitment to unsurpassed customer service on your terms! I pride myself on my customer service and I do everything within my power to keep you well informed, unharassed, and up to date with the all latest and greatest of my product line.
I maintain a full store, so your moisturizer or mascara is available immediately and you don’t have to make time to fight the crowds at the mall. I also know exactly what colors you like and what formula cleanser you use. No need trying to describe it to some sales person who neither knows or cares about you!
Speaking of sales, every product you purchase from me is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! There is absolutely no reason to have any MK products in that “cosmetic graveyard” collecting in your bathroom drawer! Regardless of the reason, I will exchange any item or, if necessary, refund your money.
Oh, and don’t you hate it when you seem to be running out of all of your favorite skin care the same week that all your other bills are due? When you have a MK Consultant, that’s no problem! Get your closest friends together for an hour or two of some long overdue girltime and (on top of all the fun you’ll have) get your items at significant discounts or even free!
And while we’re talking about discounts, when you’re my customer, you can shop 25% off the entire month of your birthday with no limits! Even when it’s not your birthday, my customers get showered with presents! Every package I ship or deliver includes fun samples, and when your order totals more than $40 before tax, you get an extra gift with your purchase!
On top of everything else, my customers are entitled to 4 complimentary appointments with me each year with no purchase requirement! I want to make sure that, despite changing seasons and hormones, you have the right products for your skin year round and the opportunity to see the new products first! You can also use those appointments to try out a new look, play with any products that intrigue you, for showers, wedding parties, or fantastic girls’ nights in!
What about gift giving? I can work with any budget!
Fundraising for your organization? I have multiple fundraising programs to suit organizations of any size!
Quality products? You bet! Mary Kay has been the best selling brand of skin care and color cosmetics in America for the past 14 years straight!
So what about price? I dare you to compare our products to any other quality line and find somewhere you get more for your money!
Not convinced? Give me a call today and schedule an appointment for a facial. I’ll introduce you to all that MK has to offer for the price of your opinion! I love hearing from women who are new to MK or who are dedicated to another line. I learn so much from them and love expanding my industry knowledge!
So what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to start spoiling you like no other skin care or cosmetic company can!
Mary Swafford
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay

Thanks for reading! Do you have any comments or similar experiences? Share your thoughts below. (Even if it's an old post, I'd love to hear from you!)

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