So…umm…you wanna get together sometime?

Driving away from Chick-fil-a with my boys the other day, I found myself wishing I had more experience in “picking up” men. Laughably, the reason I found myself thinking this was because I would have loved to exchange contact information with a woman I met on the playground. Before you jump to any conclusions, I am neither looking for an opportunity to stray from my husband nor am I having a crisis with my sexual identity.

For quite sometime now, I’ve found myself wishing for more “mommy friends.” There’s just some things that my “non-mommy friends” can’t relate to. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It  just leaves me feeling as if I need to branch out a little and make some new friends. Now that we’ve moved, that need is glaringly obvious.

So, driving away from a perfectly lovely chat with this other mommy on the playground, I started kicking myself. Why didn’t I invite her out for a playdate? Or at the very least exchanged contact info with her? How hard could it have been? All I would have had to say is something along the lines of “You know, I’m new in town and don’t know many people yet. Would you like to get together again sometime and let the kids play?” There’s nothing hard or intimidating about that. But I didn’t do it. The worst thing that could have happened was she said no. So what? If she had said no, I’d be in no different position than I’m in now. BUT, what if I had asked and what if she had said yes? Our kids were getting along smashingly. We even had very similar ideas about what’s acceptable for kids to watch on tv and whatnot. She could have been a really good friend. Maybe we could have even taken turns babysitting for each other! Oh well. You know what they say about regrets of what you didn’t do being worse than the regrets of tings you did do…

I guess the moral of the story is I need to work on my pick up lines…or something to that effect. :)


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