My Blog Censors Me!

It’s just come to my attention that my conservative tags don’t appear in my tag cloud. Currently, the missing tags include: Christianity, conscience, discernment, Father of Lies, Fireproof, Focus on the Family, God’s will, K-LOVE, Pam Tebow, pro-life, Satan, sin, strength, Tim Tebow and tolerance. What?? At first I thought there may just be a limit on how many tags the tag cloud can hold. After all, I do have something like 127 tags. After examining which tags are missing, I’m not sure that’s the case. It’s funny that pro-choice made it to the tag cloud but not pro-life. Ugh…where does the discrimination end? I’ve heard youtube does the same thing, but they go so far as to take down your videos. And I’m not talking about “inappropriate” material, I’m talking about videos with a conservative message and full to the brim with facts. At least my blog hasn’t started removing my posts…yet. Here’s to the loss of freedom of speech! What’s next?


Thanks for reading! Do you have any comments or similar experiences? Share your thoughts below. (Even if it's an old post, I'd love to hear from you!)

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