SMU Experience

My Tigers were in Texas today!! We had some Memphis style pork BBQ and then headed over to the game. We had such an amazing time! I’d never been to SMU before. They have a nice campus and an adorable little stadium, nothing like the NBA arena we pack at home, but nice nonetheless. Their fraternity houses were gorgeous! We intended to stop by the FIJI house before we left campus, but after the experience we had, we decided we had no desire to be further disappointed.

We’ve attended other away games and several NCAA tournaments games, yet I’ve never witnessed anything like what we saw today. SMU literally has the worst fans in the world. They are rude, inhospitable and worst of all unsupportive of their team. I don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms into an opposing teams stadium, but these people were ridiculous. You expect casual chiding and jabs about poor plays and what not. These people just didn’t want us in their house. I mean come on. You can’t play a game without an opponent. Opponents come with fans. Deal with it. Furthermore, they aren’t even supportive of their own team. If they spent half the time cheering for their team that they spent making rude remarks to us…

They didn’t stand or even cheer when their team took the floor to warm up. They didn’t stand or even cheer when their team was introduced. Who does that? In fact, they didn’t stand or cheer at all until they took the lead at the end of the game. Evidently, their whole problem with us was that we did both stand and cheer. A lot. Apparently, that’s just unacceptable to them. There were almost as many Memphis fans in attendance and there were SMU fans (Memphis is 8 hours away just in case you didn’t know) and there were many times when our cheers overpowered theirs, despite the fact that neither our band nor cheerleaders were in attendance. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And let’s not forget that they are supposedly a Christian institution. They’re a private Christian university, yet they were some of the rudest people I’ve ever met, I saw a several members of their pom squad’s rear ends on more than one occasion (I don’t know if they just don’t wear bloomers or what, but it was a little ridiculous.)  and the student body was often heard chanting vulgarities in unison. Unwelcoming, immodest and profane. Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. I think if I were running a Christian organization, I’d hold my student body to some standards. They did, after all, choose to attend a Christian University.

Anyway, that was my lovely experience at SMU. Other than a great day with family, friends and my Tigers, all I took away is that SMU has been added to my blacklist of institutions of higher learning that my children will not be attending. Well…they can go to any institution they choose, but there are several that I simply will not send our hard earned money to support. SMU is now on that list. Just in case you’re curious, others include Tennessee, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Kansas. I don’t have “actual” problems with those institutions. Just a matter of taste and preference, mostly due to athletic loyalties. :)


One thought on “SMU Experience

  1. Have you read Pledged? It’s about Greek life at Smu (and maybe other schools?). The stuff that’s allowed to go on there is pathetic.

    Anyways, Brian and I looked for yall when we watched the game but unfortunately they only showed the smu students.

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