Counting Down to Sunday!!

I absolutely cannot wait until Sunday!! Yes, I’m excited to go to church and let our boys turn in their canned goods for the “Souper Bowl” our youth is sponsoring. However, (and I’m sorry for this, Lord) that is not why I’m most excited. I absolutely can’t freaking wait until the Super Bowl starts!! We’re having a big party over at my parents house, and in honor of the Saints it’s completely New Orleans themed. Sucks for Josh or anyone else who may be there rooting for the Colts, but I’m bringing the food and I’m a Saints fan! LOL. Seriously though, it’s Carnival season and the Saints are in the Super Bowl, it would be practically sacrilegious to have a party with any other theme. :) I’m making my world famous (its not really, but it should be) seafood gumbo, I ordered a king cake and the boys and I are headed to Party City this afternoon to grab some decorations. I can’t be held responsible if they happen to be predominately black and gold. :)

I can’t begin to explain the nostalgic happiness that rushes over me when I see Mardi Gras decorations. The Gulf Coast was my favorite place I ever lived, and I plan to party it up this weekend in its honor. If all goes well, I may have to continue the celebration clear into next week. Man…I think I should have ordered more king cake. :)

Here’s a fabulous article for those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about!  Laissez les bon temps roulez!!


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