Called To Tithe Our Time?

I had a little epiphany tonight that I just thought I’d share. If we were to tithe our time as we tithe our money (And why wouldn’t we? Our time is very much a gift and every bit as valuable, perhaps more so, than our money.), I figure the average person should spend about 1.6 hours with the Lord each day. Assuming the average person gets 8 hours of sleep each night (I know, laughable, right?) he/she would be awake for 16 hours each day. 10% of 16 hours is 1.6 hours. However, that’s kind of like tithing based on net income as opposed to gross. I know some people who feel very strongly that tithes should be based on gross income. Applying that logic, we should each spend 2.4 hours with the Lord each day. I was blown away by this thought, as such a thought had never occurred to me before. Yet, upon further reflection, it seems that this, also like a monetary tithe, is just the jumping off point. After all we are called to “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Isn’t amazing what one can come up with when she’s not spending her idle time on facebook? :)


2 thoughts on “Called To Tithe Our Time?

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