Abort Now, Save on Health Coverage Later?

Is this really what human life has come to? Is my sole value or lack thereof based on how I help or hinder the economy? Am I not a person with dignity and worth simply because I am a human person? Is this how I should determine whether or not I value/love/carry Ben, my 27 week old “fetus?”Oh, wait, I don’t have to answer these questions because I don’t rely on the government for healthcare.

If you’re wondering what I could possibly be talking about, let me inform you. According to comments Representative Bart Stupak made to National Review Online last week, there is a general belief among Democratic leaders supporting the current healthcare plan that aborting children now will save on long-term health care costs. Basically, what he’s hearing from some party members is that passing the Stupak Amendment will allow more children will be born, potentially costing us millions more later. “That’s one of the arguments I’ve been hearing.” He added, “Money is their hang-up. Is this how we now value life in America? If money is the issue — come on, we can find room in the budget. This is life we’re talking about.” Abortion is no longer being spoken of just in terms of rights; now it’s merely a matter of cost. A child aborted today, won’t need surgery or long-term care tomorrow.

Despite being painfully aware of abortion statistics and recently learning that even the majority of Christian denominations don’t stand behind the right to life 100% of the time, I was astonished at this mentality. I suppose it’s logical considering the sad road our society has been traveling down ever since the contraceptive mentality took hold in the 60s. Thousands of U.S. women “terminate” pregnancies everyday for financial reasons. I just can’t believe that the leaders of our country feel this is an acceptable measure to attempt to balance out the national budget in the future. Are we seriously allowing our elected officials to try their hand at eugenics?

If this bill passes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our elected officials, our public servants, are sitting up there in Washington well aware of our national budget issues and likewise aware that there are many, many Americans with no or inadequate healthcare coverage. The plan they come up with? An $848 billion healthcare plan that climaxes when we have less uninsured Americans to pay for in the future. So, in a nutshell, our government’s plan is to create a healthcare plan that will provide coverage to the many who need it now, but quietly force them out of existence, thus eliminating the problem. WOW! What is this world coming to? I would like to think that regardless of your stance on abortion, you find this to be downright disturbing.

It is absolutely baffling that the people they are supposedly fighting so hard to protect, the un- or under-insured, the people who likely voted them into office, are the very same people they feel are disposable. I can just hear the conversation over cocktails at some ritzy watering hole that you and I couldn’t even afford to walk into, as our salaries don’t begin to compare to those of our “public servants.”

“Gosh, those people cost us a lot of money by not being able to provide for themselves.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t just get rid of them.”

“Well, you know, Planned Parenthood was originally founded to rid our country of the ‘unfit’, ‘feeble-minded’, ‘poor’ or ‘unwanted.’ Why don’t we just give them a lot more money and let them do what they were created to do?”

“That’s perfect! We’ll tell the uninsured we’re helping them out, and simultaneously convince America we’re allowing and protecting reproductive freedom. Before you know it, we’ll be rid of the whole class that are such a drain on our economy.”

Doesn’t sound very democratic to me. Who the heck do these people think they are that they not only have the right to attempt their own little Holocaust right under our noses, but fund it with my tax dollars? Obviously, they’re too smart to say, “We want to pass a bill with an enormous, practically inconceivable price tag, but don’t worry. Let our plan play out. Eventually, we won’t have to provide for these people who can’t provide for themselves.” Something tells me that might not get as much support. Or maybe it would. Even though American’s don’t know what Washington is really up to, they’re still opposed to this healthcare reform. American’s don’t want this bill passed. 55% of Americans think Congress needs to start over from scratch. Maybe owning up to the underlying plot would clear up the necessity to force this “reform” through before American’s know what hit them. But let’s make sure not to tell those citizens that we’re ultimately trying to kill off.


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