Reasons I Will Never “Make It” As a Blogger

As I was laying awake in bed last night, I found myself pondering the reasons I’ll never “make it” in the blogging world. I was amused by my little epiphany, so in case you’ve mistakenly overestimated my potential, let me fill you in.

1. My blog doesn’t have a general topic of interest. Two of my favorite blogs to visit are about something, Conversion Diary and Young House Love. While visiting these blogs, I’ve fallen in love with the writing or perhaps the writers and thus the blog. What are these topics that keep me coming back for more? Conversion Diary is the story of a former atheist who found herself searching for meaning in her life. The blog documents her journey and she continues updating it regularly. Young House Love is about a young newlywed couple and all of their amazing home renovation projects. In both instances what originally hooked me? The topic. I don’t have one of those. I write about whatever is on my mind in no particular order. Reason number one I’ll never find fame and fortune as a blogger: I don’t have a topic or even the slightest desire to commit to a single topic. I’m just more well-rounded than that. ;)

2. I’m nobody special. Well, of course I’m special, but I’m not someone who is well-known. Patrick Madrid’s blog comes to mind. His blog is random like mine, no general topic or theme. So why do people visit his blog? Because it’s his. People have read his books or heard him speak. They’re so sold on the guy that they’ll visit his blog to see what he has to say, regardless of  the topic. Reason number two I’m not destined to have a world-famous blog: because I’m just me. Despite being a hero to my kiddos, most people don’t revere me, let alone know who I am. Thus, at present, I can’t draw readers simply because I’m awesome.

3. My life isn’t extraordinary. Some moms have been known to start a blog just to keep friends and family updated on daily happenings. Mom reasons she can write story after story about her little gems, her misadventures as a mom, and whatever else is relevant to her family without boring people to tears or clogging up their inboxes. She writes until her heart’s content, but family and friends only have to read as much as they want and only when they’re interested.

Somehow, whether it’s because this mom’s life is a step above the majority’s or perhaps she just has a knack for writing about it like it is, she starts drawing more and more readers and eventually sponsors. Before she knows it, her little blogging hobby has become a career. So why can’t I stumble into success?  Well, I suppose I could, but these moms started writing to their family and friends. I doubt my family and friends even know I have a blog, much less read it. I write to no one or some days many anonymous someones. They come to read  a specific entry, but their love for me or my kids won’t bring them back for more. Reason number three advertisers won’t be begging to pay me to keep on doing what I’m doing: I don’t have a loyal (or guilt-ridden, as the case may be) fan base to launch me into notoriety.

The good news is I didn’t start my blog to make money or gain recognition. I write my little blog as a sounding board. When lacking other adults to share my prodigious insights with or simply feeling as if making my message public could make a difference, I have a venue to give voice to my thoughts. I find this invaluable. One can only call her girlfriends so many times before they start asking, “Is Josh working 16 hours again today?” Busted. “Well, yeah he is, but I really just wanted to see what you’re up to, Jenny.” She knows better. She knows I’m bored or have a thought that’s a little above my four-year-old’s comprehension level.

Joking aside, how does one determine success? By setting goals. My goal was to have a virtual sounding board, to have a spot where I could selfishly go on and on and not have to ask about little Adam’s potty training. That’s what I have here. A returning, captive audience was never my goal. Obtaining that would indeed be some kind of success in its own right, but lacking that definitely does not mean I’m lacking success. I’m successful in that I’ve achieved exactly what I set out to achieve, and I enjoy every keystroke.


3 thoughts on “Reasons I Will Never “Make It” As a Blogger

  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I have a particular thing to talk about (writing my book) but then I encounter other interesting things and want to mention them, or feel that an unrelieved diet of my personal book writing angst could become tedious for readers. So is that diluting the spirit of the blog? Or saving it? In common with you it’s not about making money, so that’s a weight off. Because it’s not going to.
    So… I just try to keep an open mind. Read other people’s interesting things. Hope some other people read mine. (And the occasional comment is heartening too.)

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