For My MK Girls and Any Other Prayer Warriors

Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Dalene White was the first consultant in Mary Kay, the first director and Mary Kay’s first National Sales Director. She is an amazing woman with a sweet spirit and a positive attitude. Please stop and say a prayer for her right now. Dalene has a malignant tumor on her pituitary gland which is putting pressure on her spinal cord in her neck. She will have more tests at the end of March. Then she meets with her neurosurgeon in April. The pressure is causing pain and imbalance, but, as always, she is confident that all will turn out well. We have been asked to please pray specifically for good news with the test and with the neurosurgeon meeting. If you would like to send her a card here’s her info:

NSDE Dalene White

PO BOX # 5

Leakey, TX 78873

Make sure to pass the info along to your unit because every prayer counts! I’ll definitely keep you posted if I get more information.


3 thoughts on “For My MK Girls and Any Other Prayer Warriors

  1. I’ll be praying for good news and healing. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the encouraging words. You are wonderful and really made my day!

      • You actually just inspired me to add a new page to my blog. I named it “Come Blow Your Horn!” and it’s sole purpose is for my friends and readers to stop by and brag a little…whether it be about their great day, a decision to change for the better or for a major milestone. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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