Our House

We went by the house last week to match paint colors and stuff. While we were there we got to stake in the purchased sign! The builder’s agent was supposed to do it, but forgot. I’m so glad she did because I love these pictures! We also got to see that our fence is up, the 2 inch blinds are hung, they hung the front door and finished the tile in the foyer. It’s so much fun to watch it all come together! I almost wish we would have gotten in on the process sooner, but I don’t know if I would have been able to stand the wait. :o) I can’t wait to move in so I can start decorating, doing all my little DIY projects, and of course having everyone over!

Josh and Andy staking the sign!

Except for Ben, the boys wouldn’t pose with us. I guess there’s a benefit to being pregnant (7 months in this pic); you always know exactly where your kid is. :o)

Two out of three aint bad! :o)

We drove by after church this week and we actually have sod and landscaping now! The electricity was on too! Sadly the camera was dead, so I’ll have to swing by one day this week for new pics.

We were so excited; they hung our door!

The floor plan. Our is actually a mirror image of this one.

Bedroom 2 is going to be the playroom, bedroom 3 is the nursery and bedroom 4 is the boys’ room.


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