Little Signs that I Must Be Doing Something Right

God must have known I needed a little pick me up today because each of my delightful children gave me a little glimpse of the fact that I might just be doing something right.

At lunch the boys were discussing our aquarium and what kind of fish they would like to add in the near future. Andy said we needed a Nemo, his daddy, and a Dory fish. Jack enthusiastically agreed. Andy quickly informed Jack that they would be his fish, not Jack’s. Jack protested and the two went back and forth several times. Suddenly, Jack stops and responds, “Annie, (Yes, he says Annie, not Andy. I find it endearing.) you can have a Nemo, a daddy, and a Dory AND I can have my own Nemo, a daddy, and a Dory.” I loved it! My sweet boy’s first attempt at resolving a fight with his brother on his own! Not bad for 2 1/2, huh?

Shortly after lunch, I informed the boys that I was going to let them watch a movie so I could rest on the couch. (This exhaustion thing is getting a little out of control.) They were both thrilled, as they don’t get to watch much tv. Andy immediately responded with “Hey, can we watch the movie about those Israelites (I would give anything to have had a tape recorder because I have no hope of phonetically spelling or even really remembering just how he said Israelites.) and the promise land at Jericho?!” Of course that was more than fine by me! My sweet children, as I’m sure is true for most children, have such a thirst for learning more about God and the Bible and anything involving our faith. It’s so refreshing to see their eagerness and innocence, especially in contrast with the world they live in.

So, three cheers for my boys. And thank you God for these little signs that I must be doing something right!


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