My MK I-Story

Somehow, I have never actually sat down and written out an I-Story, despite the fact that it’s pretty much lesson one in MK training. I pretty much wing it each time and you never know what details you might get out of me. Just now, I was playing around on the new MK training website. The lesson I was working on had me complete a Q&A in which I essentially wrote my I-Story. I had the option to print it, but my laptop isn’t currently hooked up to the printer, so I decided to copy it here. I’m actually pretty happy with it.

When I started my Mary Kay business, I was a stay at home mom. Prior to that, I worked with troubled youth and their families in both residential and outpatient settings. I decided to start my business so I could have my cake and eat it too. I desperately wanted to stay home and raise my family, but I missed the fulfillment that came from my career. Plus, Mary Kay’s mission, to enrich women’s lives, is something that really appealed to my social services background. Since becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant, I have become a much more positive, confident, and goal-oriented person. And I attribute that completely to the women who make up Mary Kay. They are the most positive, confident, energetic, faith-filled women I have ever met, and are my favorite part of being associated with Mary Kay. They have impacted my life, both personally and professionally, in the most tremendous ways. My current goal for my business is to consistently earn enough to get my family out of debt and to provide a family vacation or two for them each year.

So that’s it. I think it’s a little long, but I’m not sure what to edit out. If you read my blog you know I’m kind of a wordy person. That’s about as concise as I get. :o) I’ll pass it along to my director for her feedback, but overall I’m really satisfied with it. Too bad it took a year and a half to get it on paper!


7 thoughts on “My MK I-Story

      • The plan is to go into DIQ on May 1st. And you can definitely do 3 parties on that one day you plan to work each week. I would choose another day from your unit meeting so that the ladies you meet on your MK day that you want as team members, can then be your guests at the meeting!

        Work smart, not hard. You can do it.

  1. Also, does writing out your I-story mean you’ve decided to stay with the business? I just read your post from the 5th and I find myself in the same situation.

    • I’m not really sure yet. I’m really, really want to make it work. My big problem is basically fear. Mostly fear of letting myself down. I don’t want to get emotionally invested all over again just to discover that I’m still unwilling to get out of my comfort zone and grow. That’s why I was playing around on the new training site. I thought I’d go back to step one and maybe I’d pick up something I missed. I even mapped out a whole plan of how I’d like to work my business, like in a weekly plan sheet type way, which is also something I’ve never done before. I basically took appointments whenever it was convenient for the hostess/customer. But I realized that doctors offices don’t work that way, and I don’t have to either. (Not to say I’ll be completely inflexible, just that I’m planning for a lot more structure.)

      Just in case your curious, I only want to work one day/week. But I also want to be a star. Obviously that’s not a requirement, but that’s just how I’m wired. I won’t really be happy if I’m not working at a star level and getting some yummy prizes in the process. I figured 3600 retail divided by $50 per face (I like to estimate on the safe/low side) means I need to see 72 faces each quarter/24 faces each month/6 faces each week. I want to book 3 time slots each day I work, the last of which would be at my house. (I love having appointments at home!) Ideally, I’d like to have 6 booked for the appointment at my house leaving lots of room for the law of averages to play out over the day/month/quarter.

      For me, that’s a perfect working situation. All I really need to decide is if I want to work on the same day that I have my unit meeting or if I want to work on a different day than meeting. Oh…and if I can get over myself, step out of my comfort zone, and grow a little.

      Sorry for practically writing another post in response. And sorry it wasn’t more help. I wish you the best of luck! Keep in touch and let me know what you decide to do with your business.

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