5 AM Playdates

3 AM feedings are one thing. I can definitely handle 3 AM feedings. A 5 AM playdate on the other hand, is out of the question. This morning, I got up at about 4:45 to use the bathroom only to realize that the light in my boy’s room was on and I could hear them playing and laughing. I head in to see what possibly could have possessed them to think this was a good idea. The resulting conversation sounded like something straight out of the Garden of Eden.

Me: What are you doing awake?? It’s the middle of the night! (Quietly hoping, wishing, praying that they buy this and go back to sleep before the sun comes up and they know any different.)

Andy: (sitting on his bed surrounded by plastic dinosaurs) Well, Jack turned the light on, and he was playing , so I thought it was ok.

I look at Jack.

Jack: My tummy woke me up. It’s hungry and thirsty.

Too bad I can’t scorn that little tummy like God did the serpent….

And before you feel too sorry for my “hungry” two-year-old, don’t. That’s his excuse for everything these days, whether it makes sense or not. (Me: Jack, why did you take Andy’s car? Jack: My tummy’s hungry.)

Once you get over the initial misery of getting up for that 3 AM feeding, you have this precious infant looking you right in the eye with an expression that says “Mommy, I love you so much and thank you for this yummy milk. I can always count on you. I’m so happy to be here with you right now with my little fist wrapped around your finger.” Those quiet moments in the middle of the night are priceless. There’s no amount of sleep in the world worth missing out on that time together with your baby.

Attempting to convince a 2-year-old that just because he woke up doesn’t mean it’s play time is an entirely different scenario.

Truth be told, they went right back to bed, and it was no big deal. I, on the other hand, did not. That’s part of the reason I’m telling you this story right now. I’ve been awake for over two hours and am running out of things to keep me occupied before they wake up again.

Something told me I should have turned in early last night instead of waiting up for Josh…


8 thoughts on “5 AM Playdates

  1. Do you remember a few years ago when you told me that once you’re pregnant/have kids some friends never talk to you unless it’s convienent/something for them? (wow, what a run on sentence!) Yep, that’s definitely happened to me. That’s a really sad fact. :/

    On a non-sad note, Brian and I can’t believe how much the boys have grown since October! Please give the boys s hug from us and we hope you’re able to get some rest!

    • Ugh. I am so so sorry that’s happening to you too. One would think they’ve had a little more time to mature over the last 5 years, but I guess some things never change. If you ever need to get away from it all, you’re welcome to come stay with us for a while. We can get out on the lake or drive down to the beach….or better yet I’m sure we can find something fun to do that doesn’t involve water. :o) But even from afar, we’ll talk to you whether its convenient or not! Haha.

      How do yall feel about probably having a girl? Josh said Brian needs to get a few guns. :o) Maybe she can date a Swafford boy…or a German boy! Both of those prospects seem really funny to me. How are you feeling? My second trimesters are usually pretty good as far as energy and my moods go. Give us a call anytime. Or just move over here and be our neighbors! :o)

  2. Some people are really awesome about the pregnancy but others think having a prego friend is a buzzkill. Heck, when they start talking about it, a lot of the time I change the subject to their job, school stuff, etc because no one wants to talk about pregnancy all the time! I thought people would have grown up too but I guess not.

    I’m kinda excited about having a girl even though im not girlie. Go figure we had to be different and not have a boy (I have 5 friends having boys!). Brian and I talked about what if one of our friends sons dated our daughter and how crazy that would be! :)

    I’m feeling pretty good, just kinda nervous about some stuff with the pregnancy. I’m glad your energy is up, I can only imagine you need it with the boys running around. Btw, do you have a middle name for Ben yet?

    Actually, ever since Josh brought up to Brian about working there the thought of moving has stayed in the back of my mind!

    Sorry to ramble!

    • He’s going to be Benjamin Joseph! Do you have “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”? I have several pregnancy books and that is definitely my favorite. It’s so easy to reference. I still use it when I have have a question/concern. It would be awesome if yall really did come here! Fidelity is such a great company and the benefits are out of this world! Josh gets two weeks paid paternity leave and my prenatal care is covered 100%. I love love love Fidelity! I don’t know why we ever left them to begin with. We’ll never leave them again…well…unless we have an opportunity to become millionaires or something somewhere else. :o)

  3. Aw, cute name!

    Actually I did buy it and read some of it but, I returned it. I’m more into the “hippie” way of doing things and What to Expect just didn’t really suit me. (Nothing really against the book, I mean I have their app on Brian’s phone and look at the website when I have a question.)

    Instead I’ve read Ina May’s guide to childbirth. She’s one of the nations leading midwives and runs a midwifery in Summertown, TN. I’ve also read Shelia Kitzinger’s Complete guide to pregnancy and childbirth. Both are *really* hippie books.

    After Brian and Josh talked today we’re really thinking about it. We’re looking at apartments online (well, suppose to be if I can stop reading blogs) now. That’s great that he gets paternity leave! Not many companies seem to offer that! I can’t wait to research it some more.

  4. The main difference in handling the pregnancy is using a midwife who will more often than not do home visits with an assistant. Which is great If you have kids at home you don’t want to take to an office.

    As for labor and delivery it’s more natural in its pain relieving techniques. One major thing I like about both books: while their main focus is natural, homebirth they don’t dismiss or ridicule more modern births. They explain everything!

    Here’s a quick run down of both:

    Ina mays book is divided into sections: birth stories that describe the good and the bad from the moms pov and “The essentials of birth” mind/body connection, ways to help labor from stalling, various positions for labor and delivery, procedures/drugs and the pros and cons of each, pain relief and questions for potential doctors(ob, midwife, etc)

    kitzinger’s book goes in-depth from conception to the first days after life. She includes exercise and nutrition in her book as well as having a directory of resources. This book is more of a encyclopedia of pregnancy and birth.

    Sorry this got so long

  5. Oops, left out something important: the hippie way uses less interventions in l&d like forceps, vaccums, and epistiotimes (spelling?) though they’re prepared for all.

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