Settling In

So I finally rejoined humanity on the internet. Other than my blog, I can’t say I missed it all that much. I really didn’t even miss my blog as much as I could have, since Josh has been around so much lately to entertain me. Sadly, he’s not here to entertain me today. Actually, that’s not really a sad thing at all.

I have to say, his absence has definitely been noticed today. It’s been so nice to have him around to talk to, bounce ideas of of, and share responsibilities with him. We definitely need to work on becoming independently wealthy so he can be around the house more often. :o) Anyway, the reason it’s not sad that hes’ back at work today is because today is the first day of his new position! In the middle of all the moving chaos, he managed to interview for and earn himself a promotion! We’re all really excited and so very proud of him!

Equally exciting is the fact that he’s now going to be working a much more normal schedule. I was soooooo sick of him working nights. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but it was. I really, truly hated it.  Not having him around for dinner time in and of itself just got to be too much. I’ve always said I was a firm believer in family dinner time, mostly because that’s how I was raised. Now that we have experienced life without it, I know that it is most definitely a staple for a healthy family environment.

We’ve been in our new house for a couple weeks now, and we’re really enjoying it. I have to say, home ownership is good for your waistline and your tan line! :o) We’re constantly working on something. Despite how busy we’ve been getting everything in order, our house is still totally wrecked! The nursery looks more like a salvage yard of miscellaneous baby items. Our room has furniture going every which way and a mountain of books completely lining one whole wall of the room. The living room has a huge stack of frames and other decorative items that need to find homes throughout the house. The garage is pretty much a nightmare. Basically, the play room, the boys room, the kitchen and the laundry room are the only rooms that are in working order. But even they still need to be decorated.

It’s all been so much fun though. Working on the house really feels so much different than unpacking and decorating a rental. Usually, I hang frames around the house with a sense of dread, knowing it won’t be too long before I’m packing them back up only to hang them somewhere else. This time there’s a sense of permanence. Actually, there’s even a little bit of pressure knowing that these items, theses photographs, these pieces of memorabilia are part of what is going to make this house a home.

As for paint colors, we’ve come to a complete standstill. We’ve completely scratched our original plan and headed back to the drawing board. Now that we’ve lived in the house, the colors we picked just don’t seem right. The only thing we’ve got nailed down is the master bedroom and bathroom. I think we’re just going to have to start there and then make a quick decision for the nursery, since we don’t have too much time before Ben joins us. I can’t wait to start painting. Hopefully, it will go much more smoothly than our fence staining ordeal! Stay tuned to hear all about that.

And just to add some closure to the whole house hunting, mortgage lending process, here’s a picture our realtor took at the closing table with his phone. It’s a little fuzzy, but I love it. I may even have to frame it, despite the fact that I don’t look 8 months pregnant, just fat.


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