Changing Pace

So it’s time to break from the happy family updates for a few opinion pieces. Lately, I’ve been so overwhelmed with the blessings God has been pouring over us that I haven’t had much time or desire to reflect on the less than beautiful and often times heart wrenching things that are allowed and even encouraged in our world. Today, however, I think I have the perfect blend of hormonal crankiness, avoidance for all the housework that needs to be done, annoyance at the kids who just can’t seem to settle down after our minivacation, frustration at the lack of acceptable food in the pantry/refrigerator, exhaustion from being unable to catch up on sleep after our minivacation, and simply being so overwhelmed at all I have going on that I would employ any tactic necessary to procrastinate just five more minutes to be willing to devote several entries to the selfish morons in this world. If you plan to continue reading what I post today, I suggest you brace yourself. There will be no relativism found here. I realize that people have different opinions than me and I don’t care. I have no intention of being the tiniest bit sensitive to the “other side.” Today, I’m just fed up. Today, you’re just going to get the truth. Today, I plan to unload a thing or two.


One thought on “Changing Pace

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