Disturbingly Refreshing

Developing fetus at 8 weeks

Did you know that it’s possible to be simultaneously disturbed and refreshed at the same time and as a result of one event?  That’s how I felt after reading this article: Q&A: Austin Abortion Doctor Responds to Protests, Abortion, Religion, and Euthanasia for the first time about a month ago and my reaction was no different when I stumbled across it again today. On the one hand, I am completely refreshed to hear some honesty about the abortion business. This atheist abortionist from Austin (gosh, I love alliteration!) lays out many of the same facts I bring up to my pro-choice friends. He doesn’t hide behind propaganda. He doesn’t try to claim he’s in business for the women who may fall victim to rape or incest or medical necessity. He knows full well that more than 96% of his patients meet none of those qualifications and he’s not ashamed. I think that’s the disturbing part. When people hide behind propaganda, you can at least feel sorry for them, give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope one day their eyes will be opened to the truth. This man knows the truth and carries on, somehow believing that both he and doctors who perform euthanasia are providing a much needed service to the world. Much of what he says is incredibly valid and accurate. The rest is incredibly frightening and disturbing.


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