TSA Holds Woman Hostage for Protecting Breast Milk

After watching to following video, I’m unsure which soapbox to climb on. It’s a toss up between the absurd tactics used by the TSA that have me terrified of flying next week, the continual disregard of my constitutional rights by our government, or the disgust I feel that women have been fighting for decades for “equal rights.” Just to clarify: I don’t want equal rights. I want womens’ rights; rights that are equal in dignity but recognize that there are, in fact, distinct differences between the sexes. One of which would be the right to carry my breast milk onto an airplane without being harassed or having the milk destroyed. Which, by the way, is what would have happened if it went through that scanner. You can’t microwave breast milk, so why on earth would one think you can xray it?? Come on people.

But, for the most part, I’m going to keep all my outrage to myself tonight. Mostly because all of my kids are asleep and Josh isn’t home. Enjoying the peace and quite seems much more appealing than sharing my thoughts on how to rid the world of injustice.

For more details on the story surrounding this video check out this article from mothering.com.


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