DIY Adventures: In Pictures

Since I never got around to posting updates about our home improvement projects, I thought I’d share the pics I have from our adventures. So far, we’ve stained the fence and painted the kitchen, living room, and master bath, although I don’t have any pics from the later and very few from the kitchen. We also did some very minor landscaping, but I don’t have pictures and it’s all dying now anyway with the colder temps setting in. Andy took a lot of the fence staining pictures and, as you’ll see, helped a lot with the paining. I definitely thought we’d have way more accomplished by now, but I’m slowly becoming ok with our work in progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the way, I hate our living room paint. It’s lovely at night, but during the day it turns this awful peachy orange color, as seen in the pictures. I’ve already picked out a lovely new color, caramel, that will eventually go up in the foyer, living room, laundry room, back hallway and kids bathroom. I said I wouldn’t do an all over color like that but have since changed my mind, partly because painting sucks and I’ll do anything I can to make it slightly easier. Also, I am so grateful we took the builders seriously and stained our fence. Our next door neighbors didn’t stain theirs and it’s already turning that awful grey old wood color. Ours looks as good as the day we stained it. Unfortunately, on one side, their fence is our fence, so their lack of staining is making our lovely stained fence age quicker. Oh well. It’s just one of the many joys of home ownership and sharing with the neighbors, right? One day, when my house is clean, I’ll take some “after” pics of the kitchen and master bath.


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