Birds, Babies & The Right to Life

bird in handOne of my favorite news sources is As the name implies, they provide natural, holistic commentary on science, nutrition, and cultural trends. Not surprisingly they’ve done a lot of coverage of the recent mysterious fish and bird deaths.

Truthfully, I don’t care about the bird deaths for the birds’ sake, but more for what implications the root cause may have on human life. Now before you label me a bird hater, please understand that my point is just that human life holds more value than a bird’s life. Not that I think one should go around massacring populations of birds, just that my larger concern is that what has been introduced into the environment is probably harmful to humans as well. Of course, in this day and age, where we routinely consume known carcinogens on a daily basis for the sake of convenience, that sounds like crazy talk. (Wrong soapbox, Mary, please redirect yourself.)

This particular bird death article caught my eye because it linked the cause to the USDA. Partly appalled but mostly unsurprised, I clicked the headline to see what they had found. Believe it or not, the findings are not what I’m here to write about. What I found even more disturbing than the planned massacre of the birds was the following concluding argument: “If the federal government thinks nothing of murdering 4 million living, breathing birds, then what else might they be capable of doing out of a total lack of respect for wildlife?” (emphasis original) WHAT??? PLEASE, PLEASE tell me I did not just read that! Especially not today.

Actually, the point is good and valid. What bothers me is it’s about BIRDS. It really bothers me that it’s socially acceptable to fight for the rights of birds but not people. Every time I see one of those heart wrenching ASPCA animal abuse commercials I quickly grow angry. Where are the commercials advocating for the children who are abused and neglected? Sure we get commercials every now and then about feeding families in third world countries, and I absolutely support that, but what about the abused and neglected children right here in our own cities and in our own neighborhoods? Who’s advocating for them?

Today is the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion throughout pregnancy. Since that time 52 million legal abortions have been performed. I emphasize legal because of the butchers like Dr. Gosnell in PA that destroy records when things don’t go well for them. I would guess he’s not the only one of his kind and the true number is much higher.

The outrage expressed by the commenters both on the Natural News site and on Facebook at the fact that the government would knowingly poison and kill a living creature was unparalleled. That’s what breaks my heart. Despite the talking points you may hear around the water cooler, it has been well documented by scientists in court testimony that human life does in fact begin at conception. But the courts focus on defining “personhood,” which is a philosophical not a scientific concept, in the abortion cases they hear. Take away the emotionally charged issue of an abortion and this point is clear. In cases where a pregnant woman has been murdered, the murder is charged with two counts of murder. It’s funny how an unborn person is only a person when the judge wants it to be.

More to the point, why is it so unthinkable to poison a bird, but a matter of choice to poison & burn (saline abortions) or, much more commonly, dismember (suction abortions, D&C and D&E abortions) a baby? Seriously?? I want to know. What possible reason is there that is would be acceptable to poison, burn, or dismember a baby? Because it’s inconvenient? Because birth control failed? Because mom doesn’t have enough money? Because dad ran out on his responsibility? Because your abortion “counselor” told you the baby wasn’t actually a baby and couldn’t feel what was happening? (Research on fetal surgery in utero has actually found that a fetus feels pain much more intensely than an adult.) Those are the reasons why 96% of abortions occur. Look it up. The Guttmacher Institute is the research arm of Planned Parenthood. Their data about the services they provide is eye-opening.

As usual, I just want women to be told the truth. We’re smart. We can make choices. I absolutely believe that. But part of making a choice is being well-informed. I think it’s shameful that abortion counselors don’t really do that. I know that’s nothing you haven’t heard me say many times before. And once again I’m on the wrong soap box…

My actual point, tangents aside, is this: if the federal government thinks nothing of murdering 52 million living babies, then what else might they be capable of doing out of a total lack of respect for human life? And that’s a very legitimate question considering the way we treat the disabled and the huge hits the elderly took with the recent healthcare changes.


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