Little Life Lessons

As I was loading the dishwasher earlier today, I was watching Andy and Jack sort the laundry. Let me back up and say, I absolutely detest doing the dishes. My sweet husband usually does them because he knows how I loath them, but he hasn’t been home much this week thanks to his new promotion. Anyway, the boys were having a ball. Throwing laundry like basketballs. Tossing it on the other’s head. Joking about putting whites in the dark pile. In a matter of a second I experienced the following: At first I was annoyed at the ridiculous amount of noise. Then I was like, “What’s so great about sorting laundry anyway. Stupid kids.” Then I had an epiphany. Maybe I wouldn’t be in such a fowl mood about doing the sink full of dishes if I approached life a little more like them. Thank God for my boys and the little lessons they teach me each day. May I never become blind to those lessons and may I always have to courage to implement them in my own life. I love you Andy and Jack and I’m so blessed to have you in my life!!


2 thoughts on “Little Life Lessons

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