Little Lazy Bones Jones

Apparently, my little Jack has a lazy streak. So far, he has the biggest heart of all my kiddos, and he’s definitely the most sensitive. And, lately, we’ve noticed that he’s the laziest too. Maybe it’s a middle child thing? My sister, Meghan, was is like that. If Katie or Tim is around, she somehow gets one of them to serve her while she sits on her butt. It drive me nuts! I’m sure it drives Katie and Tim nuts. But Meghan thinks it’s hysterical. I am DETERMINED not to let this obnoxious scenario repeat itself in my family.

We’ve always known that Jack does the least when it’s time to clean up. With Andy sick the last few days, Jack’s true colors are really showing. It’s been easy to excuse his behavior when they’re working together. “He’s little,” we tell Andy. “You’re the big brother; show him how it’s done.” What a monster we have created!  Even now as I type, Jack has been charged with putting the matchbox cars back in their bucket. After collecting about ten, he’s laying on the floor whining, “Mommy, I’m reeeeaaally siiiiick.” Jack was sick a couple days ago. But he’s fine now. The only thing he’s sick of is cleaning cars. After pointing out that there’s no way he’s sick – he’s been running around like a crazy person and had a hot dog for lunch – he’s changed his story to, “I’m really tired. I think I need a nap.” What a character this one is!

Guess it’s time for some lazy butt boot camp for my little one! :)

Jack playing in the snow in our backyard, February 2011


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