Here We Go!

Making brunch. Spring 2009.
Thank you, God, for giving us a bigger kitchen!

I have several friends who, for quite a while now, have been strongly encouraging me to spend more time with my blog, and to write more about daily life. I can’t possibly fathom why they think it would be so interesting to read. Granted, we aren’t exactly your every day, mainstream family. And we’re certainly juggling a lot right now. So maybe they just want a good laugh from the shenanigans that I lovingly refer to as my life. Who knows? But, somehow, they’ve talked me into it, and here I am.

I have to admit, I’m a little perplexed as how to approach this whole ordeal. I’ve mentioned before that, despite the enjoyment I find in my blog, I find the whole blogging concept to be a little strange. Especially for a fairly private person like me. Not to mention, I’m not really sure how to approach sharing our everyday life in such a forum. If I’m excited about something that’s going well, I suspect it will come off as if I’m bragging. And, if I share something we’re really struggling with, I fear it will only fuel my critics’ fire. I can already hear them saying, “Well if you just wouldn’t __________, then you wouldn’t have to deal with _______.” Sure, some of the choices we make bring us different problems than other families face, but I’m of the belief that there’s no such thing as an easy life. Regardless of your circumstance, there are challenges, and I believe we’re better people for it. If we made different choices, we’d just have different struggles. I don’t think that’s rocket science, but that won’t stop those who seem to get such endless pleasure out of wagging their fingers at me.

Anyway, I guess I wrote all that to say, I’m going to attempt to share more about our day-to-day life. I’m a little nervous about it, and I certainly can’t promise it will be worth reading, but nevertheless… Here we go! :)


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