But What About Socialization???

This question absolutely drives me up a wall. Any time someone discovers for the first time that we homeschool, this question comes up…often repeatedly…in the same conversation. It is certainly important to train one’s children to eventually become well-rounded, functioning, contributing members of society. But, every time I’m asked, it seems that the questioner has no interest in ensuring my children will become such adults. Rather, they want to tell me what an awful idea it is to homeschool, yet this is the only objection they can come up with. I had the privileged of being berated with this question again today by an individual with whom I’ve already had this discussion MANY times. Since I saved my breath this afternoon, which I believe to be the wiser, albeit less gratifying approach in this particular situation, I had every intention of writing a thorough piece about socialization within the homeschool environment, and perhaps I will in the near future since it is such a pet peeve of mine. However, now that it’s so late, and since I already had this conversation with myself while I was doing the dishes tonight, I’ll just share one of my favorite little videos on the topic. Enjoy!

And here’s another one I love. It’s not strictly about socialization, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this exact same conversation.



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