It’s Killin’ Me

Just one little funny before I hit the sack…

Tonight, Andy informed my mother that Kindergarten was “easy peasy” but “first grade is killin’ [him].” That boy cracks me up! I love the things that come out of his little mouth.

Bless his little heart. The only thing that’s “killin’ him” is phonics. And he does quite well with it. It’s just that he has to put some effort into it this year and that’s a new concept for him. He wants to breeze right through, but we’re having to spend some time on each lesson. Poor baby. I sure hope he survives. Little does he know we’re just starting out on this great big adventure called education.

Oh, my mom also reported that Andy said I’m the “Queen of Phonics.” Who knew that reading above a first grade level could earn me such a title? :) What a gift my sweet boys are!


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