Page Protectors!!

top-loading-sheet-protectors-4366bigI just had the most epic epiphany of my brief homeschooling career! It is simple, yet powerful. Cheap, yet brilliant. (And perhaps glaringly obvious to other, more innovative homeschooling mamas.) By inserting any worksheet into a page protector, and handing your little student a dry erase marker, it automatically becomes reusable, making it better suited for repeated practice, or even use by multiple children.

I have a printer/copy machine which I frequently use to stretch workbook pages, but ink is pricey, and it takes a while to find practice sheets online that match my goals. Now, I can just use the pages I’ve already selected, and clean them off if more practice is needed!

And think about coloring books! It’s silly to say, but it pains me to see perfectly good coloring book pages that can’t be used to their full potential thanks to the sweet scribbles of my 2 year old, Ben. But never again. Crayola makes washable dry erase markers and crayons! Insert coloring page into page protector, and it can be used again and again!

I can’t say that I was too terribly worried about this, but it’s also nice to know that I don’t have to guiltily wonder whether I’m violating any copyright rules, as I’m not reproducing any content. I’m simply extending the life of the content I purchased.

The very best part is, I dug around my homeschool closet and we happened to have a pack of page protectors! We also have tons of dry erase markers, as the kids use whiteboards, rather than paper for a majority of their assignments. Thus, at no new expense to me, I’ve saved myself from many future expenses!



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