Overly Sensitive

I logged into Facebook just now to be greeted by this gem. At first glance I was like, “Aww my baby sister (Katie, the OP) is such a good auntie! And Jack will be super psyched to see he got a facebook shout-out!” But then I made the mistake of reading the comments.

Katie and Meghan are my sisters. I don't know Malinda and Casie.

Katie and Meghan are my sisters. I don’t know Malinda and Casie.

I already know what my husband will say when I tell him about this. He will say, “Why did you even give it a second thought? You don’t even know those other two girls. Who gives a d*m* what they think?!”

And I know I he’s right.

But it still bothers me.

This is super scaled back compared to what some women are bold enough to say, but it still bugs me. In fact, these women didn’t really say much at all; they just revealed their general attitudes about large families, and it struck an overly sensitive nerve within me.

I wonder what Casie (and Malinda who liked her charming, “Oh thank God”) would think if I chimed in with the truth of the matter: Yes, these six children are the product of three couples, but four of the six came from one family.

I wonder what they’d say if I mentioned that I don’t really believe I have a big family. Right now, we feel about normal to me. To me, (albeit, I’m aware that statistics say otherwise) we feel average.  Should we be blessed with another child, I think we’d be teetering towards big, but, even then, I’m not really sure that 5 kiddos is enough to be called BIG.

I just hate the attitudes of people in general. I hate that children are regarded as something bad. I hate that there’s some artificial limit  imposed by society on how many people make up an acceptable family. I hate that everyone I interact with thinks they can make jokes or comments or snide remarks about my children, my finances, and/or my sex life.

I know these girls didn’t technically do any of that. But it just struck a nerve. And, what can I say, I guess I’m overly sensitive about this stuff.


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