Just A Little Note

This is floating around facebook and I just LOVE it! It reminds me of one of my very first blog posts. I don’t know Fr. Martin. In fact, I’ve never even heard of him. But his lovely post made me realize I was on to something way back when. I only briefly followed through, but I think it’s time to revisit that little idea. My originally proposed 10 notes is a little ambitious for my current state in life. However, considering the fact that all of my thank you notes from Leila’s birth remain unwritten, a small start will still be a tremendous improvement over my current approach. I think I’ll start with just one note a week. It’s manageable, obtainable, and, hopefully, the start of a really good habit.

“If Pope Francis can take time out of his unbelievable schedule to write a handwritten note to someone he’s never met, then I can surely find time to express my gratitude more fully to others. Getting a note today from the Pope did something strange to me: It made me want to be more generous. Friends had told me that the Pope rises early (someone said before 5 a.m.) and I imagine him sitting at his desk in his little room, writing many notes to a variety of people. And I thought of how stingy I can be with my own time. Maybe you feel something of the same when you see this note. (By the way, you’ll see that the Pope even took the time to neatly address the envelope.)

Bottom line: If the Pope can find time to be kind to others, if he can pause to say thank you, if he can take a moment make someone feel appreciated, then so can I. So can we.”

pope letter 2

A handwritten letter from Pope Francis to Fr. James Martin, SJ, a priest he does not know.

A handwritten letter from Pope Francis to Fr. James Martin, SJ, a priest he does not know.

Notice the Pope’s signature! :) (By the way, in the comments of the original picture, Fr. Martin gave permission for these photos to be shared. He wasn’t concerned that his mailing address was visible.)


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