C is for Co-Sleeping

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2014-03-27 17.38.13Co-sleeping is one of my very favorite things about having a baby in the house. I know that for whatever reason(s) it’s a controversial topic in this country. But I can’t understand why. Not after researching the practice globally, nor after experiencing it myself.

In my experience, everyone within earshot is happier and sleeps better when mommy and baby stay together all night. And it makes nighttime feeding super easy.

But I didn’t write this post to debate, persuade or educate. I just wrote it to say that I love snuggling with my little ones. From the first nap we take in the hospital until many months later when my husband starts “hinting” that it’s time to move baby to her own bed, I just love those sweet night time (and nap time!) snuggles.

We tried to force our first baby to sleep alone in his big, cold, lonely crib. It was what you were “supposed” to do. So I did it. Or at least I attempted it. But it wasn’t long before he ended up in bed with me. And it wasn’t much longer after that when I quit trying to put him in his crib at all. Back then, I didn’t even know “co-sleeping” was a thing. I just knew it felt right. So that’s what I’ve done with every baby since. And, like I said, I love it.

2014-03-12 10.13.26Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but we don’t have the sleep troubles with our little ones that we often hear our friends and siblings complain about. Our babies sleep soundly and often start sleeping through the night fairly quickly. I can’t help but believe it’s because they have felt safe and cozy and warm tucked in next to mama. And we’ve never had any issues transitioning them to their own beds. By the time we do that, they’re sleeping well and the move is easy. I know that’s just my experience, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Looking down at that sweet face.

Seeing those little twitches that turn into smiles.

Being able to feel her breathing in my sleep.

Co-sleeping provides a peace and a joy that nothing else can offer. Both for her and for me.


4 thoughts on “C is for Co-Sleeping

  1. I started co-sleeping with my second and finally had the guts to get rid of the crib with our 4th or 5th, I can’t remember! I have to share a funny moment from this morning: This is my first time tandem nursing, and at about 5 am this morning I thought I was nursing the 6 month old but really was nursing the toddler. I eventually woke up and cracked up about it! Enjoy those newborn snuggles.

  2. Baby fever! Baby fever! The last picture is SO SWEET!!!! Denai wasn’t big on co sleeping. She would wake up constantly and blah blah blah. But it was really wonderful when she actually did sleep.

  3. I agree, I think I lasted a month listening to what the norm was, what the books said, what people said and then just ignored it all and went with my instincts…great post…hope you check out lifewall.org and our mission to create a global birth registry and get your lovelies on there…great pics too.

  4. Honestly, the best thing is to get a good night sleep, no matter how it is accomplished, seems like you have a great system for you to do so!


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