(A to Z Fail)

FSo I’ve obviously fallen way behind in the A to Z Challenge.

I had two major papers and an exam all due around the same time. Being the organized and responsible person that I am, I waited until the last minute to get started on any of it. I’ve pretty much been working around the clock for the last week scrambling to get everything done. Now, I need to get started on another paper that’s due Monday.

Nevertheless, I’m determined not to completely fail at this A to Z Challenge. It may take me until the middle of next week to get caught up, since I’m supposed to be writing a paper and not blogging, but I will persevere. Or at least use my A to Z entries as a way to procrastinate when I get stuck or bored with my next paper…

In the meantime, stay tuned. And be patient.

Somehow, it will all come together.


5 thoughts on “(A to Z Fail)

  1. Don’t feel bad, this is challenging to me, too. I want to read and comment on so many, and just can’t seem to find enough time. I plan on continuing later on though. Wishing you well on all the papers you have to work on!

  2. Hi there – I understand. I had to do a lot of pre-planning on the A – Z Challenge. This year I didn’t do a theme, but am hoping I can devote myself to one next year. I review fiction; mostly mystery and suspense (fictionzeal.com). So next year, I’m hoping to do a theme of ‘missing persons’. Take care; you’ll make it! :)

  3. April can be tough. I’m commenting rather than working on the paper that I have due in a couple days. (But this is strategic. If I haven’t finished, I don’t have to do Easter with the family…) Good luck!

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