Simple Pleasures


Family. Quality time. Simple pleasures.
Ice cream. Sunsets. Sweet tea.
Billowing curtains.
Thick grass under bare feet.
Sand between my toes.
Water running through my fingers.
White puffy clouds.
Pretty dresses. Flowing skirts.
Stargazing. Clear skies. Rain.
Swinging. Feeding ducks. A gentle breeze.
Sunshine. Chunky sunglasses. Fruity drinks.
Pumpkins. Watermelons. The smell of baking.
Christmas trees. Twinkle lights.
Fireworks. Glow sticks.
The sound of the ocean.
The view from a mountain.
Steam on the mirror. Fresh fluffy towels. Clean sheets.
Wide open spaces. Wild flowers. Palm trees.
Silent, early morning light. A harvest moon.
Porches. Rocking chairs. Story time.
Holding hands. Sparkling eyes. Baby snuggles.
Loving and being loved.


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