Food Favorites Vol. 2

2014-05-23 12.22.16

I took this picture for a post I never wrote on our family blog. The kids were baffled that shredded cheese could be made from their beloved blocks of cheese.

It’s been more than a year since the first edition of our family food favorites, so I figured it was time for an update. There are a couple things on that list we don’t purchase at all anymore, like frozen pizza & breakfast cereal, somethings that have fallen out of favor, like our blender applesauce, and other items that are still in high demand. So, without further ado, here are some things that we simply can’t run out of at our house:

  1. Nutella. Need I say more? I don’t know why I we waited so long to give this a try.
  2. Tortillas. Sometimes I wonder if the checkout person at Costco will ask if we’re having some kind of party based on how many tortillas we buy. We get corn and flour. Burrito sized and taco sized. They get used round the clock. The flour tortillas are technically a transgression against our dietary standards, but it’s one of the few. As Josh always reminds me, life is about balance, not extremes.
  3. Bananas.
  4. Dried Fruit. This is Ben’s favorite; he asks for it constantly. Costco has a great line of dried fruit that is pretty much just fruit and some sugar. He usually eats it plain in a bowl, but sometimes we mix it into yogurt or make trail mix.
  5. Milk. We all love milk.
  6. Carnation Instant Breakfast. Also a transgression. But sometimes we just need a quick vitamin-infused, protein boost in the form of chocolatey yumminess, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  7. Granola. We keep three varieties to appease my hungry beasts. Different granolas for different moods, I suppose.
  8. Jack showing off his egg. They fight about who gets to crack the egg when we cook.

    Jack showing off his egg. They fight about who gets to crack the egg when we cook.


  9. Nuts. Current favorites are salted cashews and an unsalted mix that has pistachios, cashews, walnuts, almonds, and probably some other stuff.
  10. Ham. Or “hammy” as it is loving referred to by Leila. Ham steaks or, recently, Canadian bacon. It’s great for breakfast, lunch, or a quick protein pick me up.
  11. Black beans. I cook with these A LOT. Soups, tacos, casseroles, you name it, I probably put black beans in it.
  12. Cheese. String cheese for snacks. Blocks of cheese for lunch. Shredded cheese for recipes. We love cheese.
  13. Greek yogurt. We have to ration them to one per day per kid or they just fly off the shelf.
  14. Chocolate covered almonds. This is my little treat. When I’m stressed or just want some chocolate, nothing hits the spot like my chocolate covered almonds and a big glass of milk. The kids love them, but I hoard them for myself.
  15. Eggs. We always need eggs.



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