Life Hacks: Lay Flat to Dry

You might file this in your “Thank you, great master of the obvious.” file, but I was super thrilled to come up with this in my laundry room recently.

I have waaay too many articles of clothing that are labeled “lay flat to dry.”

I also have waaay too little space in my house to lay things flat.

“Lay flat to dry” items are the bane of my laundry-doing existence. I mean, what’s a girl with a nonexistent laundry room to do with those? If they go in the dryer, they shrink. If they get hung up, they dry in weird configurations with practically permanent hanger marks in the shoulders, making them impossible to wear.

In the past, I’ve laid these items over the side of the tub and over the shower curtain rod. That works ok – assuming you remember to flip them every now and then AND no small children cut or color the fun pieces of fabric adorning their bathroom. Also, depending on what specific items of clothing we’re talking about, this method limits you to around 6 articles of clothing: 3 on the tub and 3 on the rod.

But I have hacked my life! I have solved my problem!

2014-08-05 09.29.21

Just hang the items upside down with skirt hangers!

On some fabrics, the skirt hangers do leave little indentions. But, if they do, the marks are at your waist, which means they are not nearly as noticeable as big hanger indentions on your shoulders. For the most part, I get nicely dried, non-shrunk, non-weirdly-molded clothes. Plus, there’s more space than I usually need in just one doorway. I have the shirts in the picture above generously spaced, but hung more closely together, I can get all of my “lay flat…” items hung up and drying in my laundry room doorway, where they are safe from little hands, don’t need any rotating, and actually look nice when they are finished drying.

(insert fist pump here!)


One thought on “Life Hacks: Lay Flat to Dry

  1. Hey, what a great idea! I have to try it. I hang most of my tops so they don’t shrink, but like you, hate the hanger bumps on the shoulders…thanks!!!

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