The Homeschool Laptop!

One of my pesky kids using my machine to do his schoolwork.

One of my pesky kids using my machine to do his schoolwork.

Exciting news from our little homefront: We got a new laptop – “The Homeschool Laptop!” This means that for all of the kids schooling activities, computer-based curriculums, and other academic internet exploring endeavors, there is (FINALLY) a machine in our house set aside just for these tasks. Among other wonderful things, this means that my laptop has finally been returned to me!

Ok, so my laptop isn’t really mine per se. Or at least that’s not why we purchased it. It was supposed to be the family laptop, but, after a couple years of graduate school and blogging and other miscellaneous activities together, I’ve grown quite fond of my little machine, and I don’t really like to share it.

I tried using the iPad for my personal machine, but it’s just not really my thing. I’m not sure what’s different about using the iPad vs. using my phone. I do a lot of “interneting” (That’s officially a word. I decided just now.) on my phone, but I don’t like writing blogs or emails or anything that involves extensive typing on it. (Extensive being oh, you know, anything more than like two sentences.) Same goes for the iPad. Typing is a little better on the iPad if I break out the wireless keyboard, but..well I don’t know why…the iPad just doesn’t float my boat.

All of this rambling about my computer preferences is leading up to a point and that point is – I haven’t been around a lot lately, but I’m hoping that is about to change.

Now that my laptop has been returned to me, I should be able to use it whenever I want. Before we got the new laptop, anytime I might want to sit down to write a blog or do some other form of “extensive typing,” some pesky kid was on my machine. Since that pesky kid was usually diligently doing his schoolwork, I couldn’t very easily kick him off, so I just had to wait. But, by the time he was done, it never failed that the baby needed me or it was time to cook something or clean something or yada, yada, yada. The moment had passed. The ship had sailed. And no extensive writing had been done. Sad story.

But the page has turned and the new chapter is looking happier.

I have my beloved machine back at my full disposal – to use how I want and when I want. Which means I should be blogging more.

Woohoo! :)


2 thoughts on “The Homeschool Laptop!

  1. We had a really nice lap top but then we didn’t have a use for it but my father-in-law was in need for one. So we gave it to him. It was the right decision. But now…I am really missing having a lap top.

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