Why the Kids Love Memory Work

Success Kid - Memory WorkLast week, I wrote a post about all the reasons I love memory work. My final reason was that the kids love it. Initially, I thought this was one of my weaker reasons. If I made all of my decisions based solely on what the kids like, our days would be full of pizza and paint and mud and water guns and….well, you get the idea.


When I step back and think about it, it makes perfect sense that my kids would love memory work.

  • We all like to do things we’re good at. Because memory work builds on a child’s natural skills and abilities, it is something my kids feel they are good at.
  • We all like to be challenged. When the kids initially look at the content they have been assigned, it can seem daunting. We break down the material and take it one step and a time, moving forward bit by bit.
  • We all like to feel the thrill of success. When the kids master new material, their confidence soars. It’s visible. Sometimes they dance or cheer or jump. They know when they’ve mastered the material, and they revel in that accomplishment.

Thinking about it from this angle only reinforces my love of memory work. And it makes perfect sense why my kiddos love it too.



Thanks for reading! Do you have any comments or similar experiences? Share your thoughts below. (Even if it's an old post, I'd love to hear from you!)

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