The House Hunt Continues

Our accidental house hunt is moving along.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.15.54 AM

The enormous drainage thingy that drove us away. It’s just begging my kids to tumble down the concrete embankment and drown. Image from Google Maps.

We drove by the property that our realtors suggested and opted not to see it. It was on a busy road, right next to a massive concrete drainage thing, and we weren’t thrilled about the location. We decided that, even if it was the house of our dreams on the inside, we couldn’t overlook the road and the drainage thingy. Both are major accidents waiting to happen. In that house’s defense, it did have good curb appeal – it was a cute brick house with a circular drive (which is something I’ve always wanted to have) AND it was right across the street from a park. But, like I’ve already said, my dream home couldn’t have overcome the potential for danger. I would have never feel safe letting my kids run around outside, which completely defeats the purpose of paying for acreage.

Seeing the drawbacks of this property, and knowing that it was the only other one that seemed to tick all of our boxes, made us realize even more what an incredible property we had already found. We went back to look at the 2 acre property one more time. There are definitely some things we don’t like about it, and it’s in desperate need of updating, but, overall, it couldn’t be more perfect for us. So we made an offer!

Now we wait…


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