Moving Right Along

pond dock

The pond and deck! The pond needs some work, but that is a project I am so excited to tackle!

This whole process has been so surreal for me. We weren’t even looking for a house, but now it seems we might just have a new house for Christmas.

We made an offer on an amazing 2 acre property in the most amazing location. It’s five minutes from our church and cuts Josh’s commute in half! On top of that, there’s a pond, the most amazing front yard to accommodate the Thanksgiving-family-football-game of my dreams, tons of mature trees, over 1000 more square feet than we currently have…I could go on and on. The “pros” of this house sounds like a detailed list of my dream home. The only catch is that it has a galley kitchen, it’s outdated, and it only has only three bedrooms – but those were all small considerations when compared to everything the property has to offer.

The seller countered our offer, but her counter offer was amazingly reasonable. When we heard her counteroffer, both Josh and I planned to agree. However, our agent suggested we accept all the terms the seller added, while dropping the price $5,000. We were nervous; we didn’t want to push our luck. But our agent is amazing, so we decided to trust him. We submitted our counteroffer and the seller accepted it!

The only condition we had in our contract was that our offer was contingent on the results of the home inspection. We had our home inspection earlier this week, and there was nothing overly alarming. We’re moving forward!

I can’t believe how easy all of this has been.


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