Reformulated Costco Wipes STINK

The stash of Kirkland diapering products under my changing table. My changing table has looked like this for nearly a decade.

The stash of Kirkland diapering products under my changing table. For the first time in 9 years, I’m going to have to choose a different baby wipe.

I just opened a new box of Kirkland Baby Wipes from Costco, and I’m so sad to say that I HATE them. Really, really, will never buy them again, hate them. They absolutely STINK – both literally and figuratively.

I have been using Kirkland wipes for the better part of the 9 years that I’ve been a parent, and I have always LOVE, LOVE, LOVED them. They were one of my favorite baby products. I used them exclusively, as no other wipes could begin to compare to the quality of the Kirkland wipes. I bought them for shower gifts, and raved about them to anyone who would listen. I used them for diaper changes, to wipe up messes, to clean baby after meals. I kept a pack in my van, some in my purse, and more packs stashed all around the house.

Why did I love them so much? They were larger, more durable, and softer than any other wipe I have ever tried. They were gentle on baby’s skin. They were truly UNSCENTED. Unlike other wipes that claimed to be unscented, these wipes truly had no smell. On top of that, the packaging was super convenient. It could fit it inside of plastic refillable boxes or I could throw it in the diaper bag as it was. And, more often than not, the wipes would come out of the package one at a time. Oh, and major bonus, they are cheap! When Costco started including bonus travel packs in the box, I was on cloud 9. My already favorite, perfect baby product had just gotten even better!

Now, all of that has changed. Literally, all of that has changed, except for the price.

The wipes I opened today are smaller, thinner, and smell TERRIBLE. The label still boasts “unscented” but the smell is disgusting. And it lingers. When I kiss my sweet baby’s face, now she smells like nasty chemical stinkiness.

Less significantly, the packaging also changed. The “bag” appears to be much cheaper quality than what was previously used, the “clasp” that opens the container has changed, and the opening to get to the wipes has been changed from a sticker to a pinch-and-pull system. None of these packaging changes are deal breakers, but it is apparent that the quality of these wipes has been lessened across the board. I am baffled that a product that has been consistently superior to all other brands for so long underwent such a thorough and negative overhaul.

I am so upset. It may sound dumb to be upset over baby wipes, but I really am. Parenting is messy, and sticky, and sometimes smelly. Kirkland’s wipes have consistently delivered the answer to these problems over my nearly decade of parenting. Now, they just add to the problems. They have become such terrible quality that they no longer clean as effectively as they once did, and – can I just say it one more time – they smell awful!

I did some googling, and some Costco exec was quoted as saying the new smell is “not unpleasant.” I can’t help but wonder if he has smelled these wipes. And, I hate to be the master of the obvious, but why oh why do UNSCENTED wipes have a smell of any kind – be it pleasant or otherwise??

Worst of all, now I have to go through the trial and error process of trying to find some new wipe to use because I definitely will not be buying these awful wipes again. The cost has always been low, but, now, the product is just cheap. I hate these new Kirkland wipes!

Please, please, Costco, please insist that Kirkland return to making quality wipes instead of disguising these “dollar store” wipes under a trusted name. One quick look at your product page will show you that I’m not the only customer who feels this way.


2 thoughts on “Reformulated Costco Wipes STINK

  1. I just discovered this in our new box, and I’m horrified. I’m actually so upset I don’t know what to do with myself. The smell is so offensive!!! I actually might cry.

  2. I no longer purchase Kirkland baby wipes for the exact same reason. I have added comments on the reviews along with thousands of other customer who feel the same. Yet, the decision maker at Costco just does not listen to their customer. Their respond was “just like anything else new, customers will get use to the change.” I am so disappointed at Costco. From time to time, I kept checking the web hoping that miracle might happen- Costco changed on the formula again and this time the smell go away. So far miracle hasn’t happen yet.

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