D is for Dance Party! :)

For the month of April I’m blogging alphabetically about quick, easy, and practical ways to relieve stress. To see the other posts in this series, click here.


Pencils down. Let’s have a dance party!

Don’t you feel better just hearing that? I know I do!

Turn up the music. Push the coffee table out of the way. It’s time for some fun.

My oldest son has always been just a little too cool for dance parties, but the other kiddos will jump around and be silly with me. Even my “too cool” son hangs out with us and laughs. (with us, not at us – I promise!!) In less than five minutes everyone is happy and laughing and having a blast. Five minutes after that, everyone is getting worn out and is about ready to call it quits. Five minutes after that, everyone is sitting down – or sprawling out – with a big, exhausted smile on their face. The power of the dance party is amazing!

I love a good spontaneous dance party. Now, I’m going to use the power of the dance party for double good.

When things are getting too tense… More accurately, when am getting too tense… When I can’t bear to hear someone sound out one more word… When the toddler and her incessant interruptions are about to drive me insane…

…I’m calling a time out and we’re having a dance party. I’m even going to put a sticky note in our school room so that I don’t forget that a dance party is always and option.

I’m starting to realize that I’m not stressed out because I don’t have the tools to not be stressed out (Wow! That was a lot of negatives. Did you follow that?) I’m stressed out because I don’t put the tools I already have to good use. If I could see an eruption on the horizon, but stop and put everything on hold for a dance party, I’m pretty sure the eruption wouldn’t happen. Nerves would be calmed. Tensions would be eased. Restlessness would be relieved. And, after everyone catches their breath and grabs some water, I think it would be possible to get back to work with a much better outlook and attitude.

So it turns out that “D” isn’t just for dance party; it’s also for deciding to use the tricks and tools I already have to combat, and maybe even prevent, stress.


One thought on “D is for Dance Party! :)

  1. Fabulous way to relieve stress, both for adults and children, Mary! Best part is – no special equipment or location needed! What a wonderful theme for the A to Z! :)

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