Quiet Time

For the month of April I’m blogging alphabetically about quick, easy, and practical ways to relieve stress. To see the other posts in this series, click here.

shhhNot too long ago, we used to have quiet time. Every day, from 1ish until 3ish it was mandatory that everyone be quiet. The babies would take their naps, and the older kiddos had to find something quiet to do. No screens, no music, no playing together, just silence. They could engage in any activity they wished, as long as there was no noise. They could read, draw, nap, build legos, do a puzzle, etc. The only rules were it had to be quiet and they had to work alone. It was fabulous. I loved quiet time.

Somehow, with babies being on different schedules, and middle children phasing out of naps, quiet time fell by the wayside. But I’m going to bring it back. Because quiet time was such a gift for everyone in the family. After quiet time, everyone was rejuvenated, in a better mood, and ready to enjoy the afternoon.

For me, quiet time was a great time to reboot and unwind. I often wouldn’t do much of anything. My intention was usually to read, but, a lot of times, I would just sit and enjoy the silence. I would think about what we had done that day and think about what we still needed to do. Sometimes my mind would drift inward and I would end up reflecting on various things about my life. I would evaluate who I am and where I’m heading – think through how my present actions connect to my bigger goals. But even if I didn’t drift into any kind of deep thinking, having the opportunity to sit quietly with just myself and drink a cup of coffee is so good for me.

Taking time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to just be quiet and calm and peaceful is so helpful. Unplugging from distractions and responsibilities and just being – being myself, being in the present moment, being free – it’s so refreshing. I don’t know if quiet time has a lasting impact on my stress level or not, but I know for certain that during quiet time I am not stressed, and that is a very good thing.


8 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Your blog is very informative. My favorite was the post on negativity, which, in my opinion is the most destructive force in the universe. I visiting from the a-t-z blog. Linda Cadose.

  2. When my kids were small, I’d take naps with them and if I couldn’t sleep, I would just be still and let my mind roam. Now that they are in school, my cat is my nap buddy if I need one. Quiet time is wonderful.

  3. I am stopping by today from the #atozchallenge – where I am a minion/volunteer under Lisa. I am having trouble locating your posts for R,S,T, U, or V. Let me know if I missed them. The challenge can feel quite overwhelming at times, but also really fun. If you don’t finish this year, give it another try next year.

  4. This is a great idea. I always need some quiet time each day in order to recharge. It is also a great way for your children to learn how to learn about themselves and be able to occupy themselves. Really enjoyed your post.

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